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Likami, eco-luxury for your skin


Likami, eco-luxury for your skin

Products of natural origin, organic and extremely rich in vitamins, essentials minerals and antioxidants. Likami is the ‘ultimate companion de route’ in the daily routine of both women and men. 

What’s not to love?

'Big kiss'


'Big kiss'

We are sending you a 'Big Kiss' mug with every order of min. 100 €.

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Bohero, inspiring lifestyle

You like to decorate your home so it is really reflecting your personality and taste? Then Bohero is the place-to-be. Don’t think design and functionality don’t work together. At Bohero you choose from a full range of functional design items – contemporary yet timeless products reflecting your taste for decorating your living room, kitchen, bathroom, home office and even garden.

From simple to exclusive, but always with a touch of design. Our brands have been chosen carefully: both well-known brands as Alessi, Eva Solo, Iittala, Vitra, but also collections from new designers as FCK, The Boxy’s, Bea Mombaers, Vincent Van Duysen,…

More than just a regular webshop, Bohero inspires your lifestyle.

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