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Decanter carafe with cooling element - 0,75 l

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    Product description

    Keep your wine delightfully cold and serve in an elegant way. The all-in-one decanter carafe with cooling element ensures a perfectly chilled wine for many hours.

    The removable cooling element can be placed in the freezer, while the base prevents wine or water is dripping on your table.

    Do I need a decanter for white wine? Yes… you can easily decant white wine since they often benefit from being left to breathe to soften flavours and release the aromas. Especially a rich Chardonnay will benefit particularly

    Tip: Always keep the cool element in the freezer, so it is ready for unexpected guests..

    Product code567473
    DesignerTools Design
    MaterialsMouth-blown glass & stainless steel
    DiameterØ 15 cm
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