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FLORA VULGARIS Tea spoon gold - 13.7 cm

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    Like all her other creations, Roos Van de Velde’s ultra-light ‘Flora Vulgaris’ collection for Serax has that unmissable link with Nature. The name alludes to the rather 'wild' and intuitive way in which the cutlery was given shape. Forks like branched twigs, spoons featuring endless leaf shapes and knives looking like shells ... The colours, the material, the design, and the interplay of lines are a natural addition to the Perfect Imperfection collection.

    +Gold is the pièce de résistance of the ‘Flora Vulgaris’ cutlery collection. With this gilded steel tea spoon, you can create your own ‘Heaven on Earth’ and eat your rice pudding with a golden spoon while keeping both feet firmly on the ground.

    Product codeB0718224GB
    DesignerRoos Van de Velde
    MaterialsStainless steel
    TypeTea & coffee spoons
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