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BALI pepper mill - black - 8 cm

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    Product description

    BALI an elegant, small Peugeot mill fitting every table! For a bright duo without confusion what salt or pepper is, you can mix the darker colours of the pepermill (grey, black or raspberry) with the lighter colours of the salt mill (pink, water green or white). Material: Acrylic-ABS

    Mechanism for pepper mills:
    The mechanism of the Peugeot pepper mills is made of case-hardened steel. It is equipped with a helix-shaped double row of teeth that guide and hold the peppercorns for a perfect grind.

    The grind for pepper:
    The grind is important for unlocking the full flavour of your pepper, according to your taste:
    > Fine grind = will develop power
    > Coarse grind = will reveal flavour
    > Medium grind = for balance
    To regulate the grind, simply turn the control button at the top of the mill.

    Which pepper to use:
    To get the best out of your Peugeot pepper mill, we advice peppercorns with a diameter smaller of 6 mm or less. You can use black, white and dry green. The pink berries can only be ground if in a blend (max. 15% pink) with one of the other peppercorns.

    Product code25786
    DesignerPeugeot design center
    MechanismsClassic adjustable system
    Made in
    Designed in FranceFrance
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