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BLOSSOM MILK Low bowl M - Ø 18 x h 5.5 cm

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Product description

Introducing ‘MIDNIGHT FLOWERS’, an exquisite 120-piece porcelain tableware set that embodies the artistic vision of Marni. Renowned for its distinctive blend of materials and colors, as well as its daring explosion of prints and forms, the esteemed Italian luxury fashion house presents a collection that seamlessly marries fashion and dining aesthetics.

Each piece within the set – from plates and bowls, to cups, saucers and teapots – has been hand-illustrated by Francesco Risso, Marni’s Creative Director, with a captivating flower motif.
The intricate flower pattern was applied onto the fine bone china through a decal application process. A final touch of glazing enhances both the visuals and durability of the tableware.

The collection’s distinct charm lies in its slightly asymmetrical shapes, designed to accentuate the quality of the hand-finished porcelain. A gentle and harmonious palette of mauve, teal, rose and notes of lime envelops the collection. This thoughtful color symphony evokes a sense of harmonious interplay of diverse patterns, infusing each dining experience with an inviting and playful energy

'MIDNIGHT FLOWERS' invites you to reimagine your table setting, fusing the worlds of high fashion and culinary artistry.

Product codeB9223116-403
DesignerFrancesco Risso
MaterialsBone China
DiameterØ 18 cm
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